Serrano, Crispin and Fuentes: Para Swimming World Series Records

Carlos Serrano, Nelson Crispin and Moises Fuentes are the three Colombians who continue to break records in the world series of para swimming that takes place in Berlin, Germany. This Saturday they competed in the 50-meter breaststroke test in their respective categories, where each one managed to set a new record. Positive week for the country that continues to reap victories in the competition.

Serrano in the SB7 category, Crispin in the SB6 and Fuentes in the SB4, they prevailed against their rivals in the 50-meter breaststroke test. They were ahead of competitors from Spain, Lithuania, Korea, the Netherlands and Canada. The three achieved the best scores and times that allowed them to arrive with an advantage to achieve the records that make them the most outstanding in the competition.

Nelson Crispin crossed the finish line with a time of 35 seconds and 43 thousandths (1,034 points); Carlos Serrano did it in 32.02 (1,016) and Moises Fuentes (983) at 41.83. In the world series they reward the score that the participants add, but not the time with which they reach the finish line. However, that time does influence to set the records that apply to each category in which they compete. as Serrano explained.

It is worth remembering that the categories in which they compete are divided according to the degree of disability or disease they suffer. Where the number 1 is the highest and decreases to 10. The letters SB determine a competition for the breaststroke; While, the SM applies to medley or mixed styles.

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