Sergio Samitier and a Campus that is a pioneer in Spain

He Third Campus of Sergio Samitier (July 9-15, 2023) has come to the Ribagorza region to offer young cycling enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. This camp, aimed at children from 10 to 15 years old, combines learning and practicing cycling with exciting and fun activities. The success of this campus would not be possible without the collaboration of the Higher Sports Councilwhose support has been essential to carry out this high-level sporting event. We sincerely appreciate your commitment and support in promoting youth cycling and creating opportunities for the development of young talent. It is a pioneering cycling campus with 90 boys and girls in Spain.

In addition, from the organization they want to express our gratitude to Roberto Riberola, main organizer of the Third Campus of Sergio Samitier. Their dedication, passion and hard work have made this exceptional camp possible. His vision and leadership have been fundamental in providing participants with a unique and enriching experience. During the campus, participants have the opportunity to improve their cycling skills under the expert guidance of outstanding cyclist Sergio Samitier, a Movistar Team rider.. Trainings are tailored to different skill levels, allowing children to learn and develop in a safe and motivating environment.

In addition to cycling sessions, the campus offers a wide variety of complementary activities. Participants have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks from cycling professionals, They share their experiences and valuable advice. English workshops are also organized, promoting language learning in a fun and practical way. The fun continues with exciting outdoor activities like kayaking and refreshing swims in the nearby pool and river. Adventure lovers can enjoy paintball games, where they will test their strategy and skills in a safe and controlled environment.

In addition, the campus includes exciting excursions to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds Graus. Participants will have the opportunity to discover impressive landscapes while enjoying of bike rides on routes selected especially for them. The Sergio Samitier Third Campus is a complete experience that combines cycling with recreational and educational activities. Participants have the opportunity to develop their cycling skills, build their confidence and make new friends who share their passion for the sport.

With a focus on learning, having fun and connecting with nature, the campus offers children an unforgettable experience during their summer vacation. Sergio Samitier’s legacy as a professional cyclist is passed down through this camp, inspiring the next generation of cyclists and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.. The Sergio Samitier Third Campus is undoubtedly a unique opportunity for young cyclists to enjoy an exciting and enriching summer in the beautiful region of Ribagorza.

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