SeQura, the leading Spanish fintech in flexible payments, leads the industry in the sector Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) in terms of customer satisfaction. Count with one Net Promoter Score (NPS) reported of 87, practically tripling, the NPS of the best valued companies of traditional banking in Spain. The easy usability, flexibility and variety of payment options that SeQura offers as well as the good customer service and transparency with which it operates are the main arguments behind this rating.

The NPS is an indicator that measures user experience and calculates the probability that one person will recommend a brand, product or service to another. To calculate the index of the NPS, a customer survey is carried out, and based on the score awarded, the calculates an index expressed on a scale of -100 to 100.

Our goal is to improve the user experience and help you in each and every step you need to take. We have simplified the purchase process as much as possible so that customers can access to buy what they want, paying for it in the way that best suits their needs. With SeQura it is not necessary to upload any type of documentation or fill out long forms. We offer a simple, secure and transparent payment process.

David Bäckström, CEO of SeQura.

The credit acceptance rate, another key to SeQura’s success

SeQura is also a leader in terms of credit acceptance rate, the highest in the industry. in Spain, with a figure that stands at 87%. A fundamental piece of information for retailers when deciding to work with SeQura, since the denial of credits implies a decrease in sales, in addition to a possible negative association towards trade.

Precisely this data, together with the increase in billing and the increase in purchase recurrence, are the aspects best valued by the businesses with which SeQura collaborates, according to the latest surveys carried out by the company.

Our algorithm uses its own model with additional parameters that is fed and updated with the data of millions of transactions on our platform. Thanks to this, we can quantify the risk with greater precision and, in this way, grant a greater number of credits. In addition, at SeQura we help businesses to increase purchase recurrence and improve conversion in the check out. Unlike other deferred payment providers, we do not promote products from other stores, which is also one of the reasons for our success with retailers.

Mark Spivak, CEO of Ms7Store, explains: “I have seen an exponential increase in sales since I integrated the SeQura methods.” Now, almost 75% of their sales come from users who use these payment methods.

For his part, Juan Garrido, e-commerce manager at Game, assures that “not only have sales increased a lot since the integration with SeQura, but it is also being a very powerful relationship tool with new customers and a new way of offering other products to our most loyal customers ”.


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