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Seed bombs, the future of the earth

The Japanese biologist, farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukukoa invented “seed bombs”. This is nothing more than a little moist substrate that is mixed with the seeds that we want to germinate, forming a ball and surrounded by a layer of clay that is placed on the surface. dry.

This simple technique with its elements keeps the moisture inside until the first rain dissolves the clay and allows the radicles of the newly germinated plants to penetrate the soil.

Seed bombs can be made at home to “shoot” in the garden or field, even with a slingshot.

Nendo Dango“ is the name of this reforestation system, already very popular in countries like Kenya, where thousands of hectares of forest are restored every year by throwing clay balls from small planes or by hand by groups of farmers or foresters.

Biodiverse seed pumps

We will not necessarily put native tree seeds in the pump, but a mix of species that we know accompany it, such as vines, grasses or shrubs, whose function is to improve water retention and soil quality.

Seed pumps

Calculate the best place

The secret of a mission’s success is to first test the results on a specific plot and, depending on the result, continue using the same pump components on that soil type or modify the plot for better results.

Seed pumps are a great system for hard-to-reach places. Whether they grow or not depends on many factors, such as the weather conditions in the weeks before sowing, the type of seed or subsequent weather conditions. Ideally, the first storm would wet the ground.

How to make seed bombs

You will need:

  • 5 parts dry powdered clay
  • 3 parts compost
  • 1 part seed mix
  • Water

To make them individually by hand, you need to mix all the components and add enough water so that you can model the bombs (round balls) and they remain very compact. If we do not use the bombs at this time, we leave them in the sun so that they dry well and the seeds do not germinate.

Be responsible, just local

Proponents of this repopulation method say that making a seed bomb requires a lot of responsibility and that it is impossible to introduce exotic species because it is not known how they might react in the forest or forest. “They have to be completely indigenous.”

To ensure your efforts are rewarded, monitor the planting area and evaluate the results after a few months.

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