The Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office ordered this Saturday a new raid on a private school where alleged sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy apparently by older students, which has sparked protests from parents and citizens.

The Public Ministry reported on its social networks that three fiscal agents led the procedure "on the basis of new data received by the researchers".

In addition to reviewing documents in the offices of the institution located in the city of Lambaré, neighboring Asunción, experts and other officials toured different areasincluding the patio and a sports field, according to photographs released by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The case that has shaken Paraguayan public opinion became known on Friday, when the child’s mother denounced to the press that her son would have been the victim of the aggression on April 26 in the school bathroom.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed in response to the child protection law, reported that a day later she alerted the school principal about the incident and that, not seeing that it was reported to the authorities, she decided to go to the Prosecutor’s Office. .

The authorities ordered the preventive detention of the director and two teachers from the school, who this Saturday were transferred to the headquarters of the Public Ministry in Lambaré to make a statement.

On the outskirts of the place, more than a hundred people gathered with Paraguayan flags, balloons and green t-shirts who, between songs and slogans, demanded justice. Speaking about the incident, the Minister of Education and Sciences, Nicolás Zárate, told ABC TV that the school "failure" for not having implemented the planned protocol.

In that sense, warned that the institutions both public and private are governed by the laws and regulations of their office.

"Here they wanted to lie, here they wanted to minimize, here they wanted to take us by the hair and I will not allow that"declared the minister.

In a statement released on its social networks, the school said it had acted "correctly" in accordance with its protocols and the law.

In addition, it indicated that from the moment the complaint was received "investigation was started" by reviewing videos, questioning teachers and administrative staff and collecting related information.

The note added that "There is no identification of any hypothetical aggressor, no medical report of injuries, nor any evidence of irregularities"and indicated that this does not imply that they continue to cooperate with the authorities.

Under Paraguayan law, children are "unassailable" until the age of 13, but from the age of 14 they can be considered "criminally responsible" and face a maximum sentence of up to eight years in prison for this type of crime and four for other crimes.


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