Saudi Arabia: What happened to the person who lost his way and wandered in the desert?

RIYADH: The body of a person who wandered in the desert in Saudi Arabia was found after several days. The missing citizen lost his life due to the heat of the desert and lack of water.

According to Urdu News, the body of a local citizen who lost his way and got lost in the desert was found in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

A rescue welfare organization says that a day ago, a local citizen was reported missing in the Umm Asla area.

The organization was asked to help in the search for the missing citizen and tasked a team consisting of experts in the search for missing persons in the desert.

Volunteers tried to find the man everywhere but could not find him.

The organization informed that the body of the missing citizen, who died due to the heat of the desert and lack of water, was finally found.

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