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Saudi Arabia: Increasing Difficulties for Foreigners

Riyadh: The scope of saudiization in Saudi Arabia is expanding, the government also clarified the saudiization of online customer service.

Under Saudiization, foreigners are represented in all sectors of the state rather than foreigners. The move by Saudi officials has raised concerns among foreigners about their jobs.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare says the decision to Saudiize online customer service was made to achieve several key goals, including strengthening the digital system.

The ministry said that the Saudiization of online customer service would allow access to all parts of the country and promote the culture of online service. There will be countless opportunities available.

The government’s big announcement on Saudiization

The Saudi Arabian Ministry has made this decision within the framework of a comprehensive program for the saudization of various professions.

In this sense, the Ministry of Manpower has entered into agreements with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Personnel Promotion Fund, Information and Communications Technology Authority.

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