Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Department has issued an explanation regarding free stay and exit visa as a result of direct travel ban.

According to Arab media reports, an immigrant from the country’s Passport Immigration (Licensing) Department discovered that my stay ended on July 31 and then extended to August 31, but has not been renewed yet, what should I do?

The licenses replied that the stay and departure period of migrants who have gone abroad, from where travelers are not allowed to come directly to Saudi Arabia, would be extended till November 30, 2021.

The Saudi Passport Department said that in collaboration with the National Database Center, orders for free extension of stay and departure period are being processed.

The department said immigrants whose residency and visas have not been extended should wait their turn.

It should be noted that the Saudi government, as a relief, undertook the task of free renewal of the documents of the migrants affected by the travel ban in order to reduce the effects of the ban.



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