Saudi Arabia: How to update new passport details?

RIYADH: Saudi authorities have issued clarifications and instructions on how to update new passport details in the authorization system.

According to Urdu News, according to the law of the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department, the sponsors of foreigners working in the kingdom are responsible for keeping the documents of the workers complete, including the workers’ residence, their annual medical insurance, exit and final. Issuance of exit visa and execution of other matters are included.

A person inquired about the reasons that he went on vacation where the passport expired, a new passport has been made, now how to get duplicate information?

In this regard, Juzat has provided the facility that the sponsor of the worker can update the new passport details of the worker in the Juzat system through their Abshar or Moqim platform.

Updating a passport is called duplicating information in Arabic, which means feeding information about the new passport into the justification system.

Duplicate information has been provided on the Abshar platform for documents. Sometimes, if there is a problem in updating the passport through Abshar’s automatic system, the passport information can be updated through the communication service on Abshar itself. are

To update the new passport details in the authorization system, the old and new passports should be scanned and uploaded to the Tawaswal service along with the residence of the worker.

Within one to three days of being uploaded on the Tawaswal service, the new passports are registered in the system by the immigration officials.

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