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Saudi Arabia: Good news for travelers

Riyadh – A special WhatsApp service has been provided at all Saudi Arabian airports for the convenience of passengers.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Aviation Department has provided this special WhatsApp facility at all airports in the kingdom, which will be able to benefit passengers.

According to the report, according to international standards, all passengers will be able to easily connect to WhatsApp while traveling from Saudi Arabian airports. This number 0115253333 has been issued to passengers for the WhatsApp service.

This step has been taken taking into account the needs and service of the passengers, when using the WhatsApp service, many facilities will come in front of the user at the beginning of the conversation.

In this special WhatsApp service, passengers will be able to obtain information on flights to and from any airport in the country, including flight details.

Saudi Arabia: ‘You will be allowed to travel’

Complaints related to the airline can also be submitted through this WhatsApp used at the airport.

The Civil Aviation Department says that under the Rights and Duties Service, passengers will be informed of all their rights during the trip. Relevant agencies are active 24 hours a day to serve citizens.

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