Riyadh: Foreigners will no longer be able to work in 4 professions in Saudi Arabia, 100% Saudiization is being brought in these professions.

According to the details, Majid Al-Qait, an expert in the Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare, has said that from Sunday, May 8, 2022, foreigners will not be able to work in any of the professions of Secretary, Translator, Stock Keeper and Data Entry Operator.

He said that if any foreigner was found working in any of these professions, action would be taken against him and he would be considered as one hundred percent violator of law.


Talking to Al-Akhbariya Channel, Majid Al-Qait said that 100% Saudiization of these four professions has been announced, therefore no foreigner is allowed to work in these professions, they are now reserved for Saudis.

He said that in the past some professions were partially Saudiized, which meant that a certain number of foreigners were also authorized to work in these professions, but now these four professions have been fully Saudiized.

According to the program, the decision to Saudiize these four professions will provide jobs for 20,000 Saudi boys and girls.