Riyadh: Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia seem to be asking whether foreigners can work temporarily elsewhere.

According to Saudi officials, it is a legal requirement for a foreign worker to work in a place other than his employer, for which he could face fines and deportation.

In Saudi Arabia, according to labor law, foreign workers are required to work with their sponsors.

If the worker has any problem, he can take legal action and approach the Labor Office for resolution of legitimate issues.

However, one person asked the licenses if there is any legal impediment to supplying food online, i.e. there is a penalty for checking?

In this regard, the concerned agency says that according to the labor law, a foreign worker is eligible to work in the country only if his visa has been issued to him.

If the work is done temporarily in another place, then the facility of ‘hire’ can be availed, under which the work can be done in a place other than the sponsor legally.

The ‘hire’ system means to hire workers temporarily, there is no problem if the work is done while staying at a food supply company.