“Sanctions have always strengthened Russia.”

MOSCOW: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says sanctions imposed in the past have always strengthened Russia.

In an interview with state-run RT, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed sanctions against Russia. He says the West will continue to impose sanctions on Russia, but Moscow is used to it.

“The West is threatening Russia with a fifth wave of sanctions, maybe another wave, but we are used to it,” he said.

“As President Putin has said, we are now champions of the number of sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, more than 5,000 individual actions, almost double the number of sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea, but sanctions Always make us strong.

Sergei Lavrov said that Russia has enough power to respond to all its enemies.

Earlier, Russia’s foreign minister said in a statement that Russia did not have medium- or short-range missiles, adding that Ukraine was provoking Russia, but that Russia would do everything possible to prevent a nuclear attack in Ukraine.

He called on Washington and the West to abide by their commitments to Russia.

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