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San Pablo throws a party to finish vaccinating everyone over 18 against greed

São Paulo intends to finish next Sunday the vaccinate 100 percent of its population over 18 years of age and i plan to do this this weekend in street party mood, with musicians distributed at vaccination posts that will be open for 34 consecutive hours to attract the last group that will receive the first dose of the coronavirus.

Mayor Ricardo Nunes announced that over the weekend, young people aged 18 to 20 will be the last to be vaccinated with the first dose in a total party atmosphere: 7am on Saturday to 5pm on Sunday There will be special mega tents in shopping malls, cultural centers and clubs. Everything will work without rest overnight and early in the morning.

There will be samba, rock, funk and DJ’s that will play live. They feature Minhoqueens, Excuse Anything, VHS Party, Domingo Ela Não Vai, Heating, Tropicaos, Je Treme Mon Amour, Pardieiro and Patua discos, among others.

São Paulo intends to live a moment of joy

For the mayor, it is an opportunity with all the necessary care, without crowding, to “celebrate a moment of joy and support the cultural sector”. “There are 600,000 young people who will have the first day, night and dawn application at the vaccination posts that will be prepared to receive them”, Nunes announced to the Brazilian media.

The city of São Paulo, said Nunes, “has the joy of receiving the vaccine, without denying it and thinking about life.”

The chief belongs to the Movement for Brazilian Democracy (MDB) of former president Michel Temer and took office this year after the death of Mayor Bruno Covas, and is an ally of governor João Doria, president of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party.

São Paulo is the city where the first positive case of covid-19 was detected in Latin America, on February 26, 2020. The state of São Paulo intends to start vaccinating teenagers from 12 to 17 years old next week. with pre-existing diseases.

90 percent of the city’s population received a dose and 37 percent the full schedule, above the national average.


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