The Hereda San Pablo Burgos looks up. In Fuenlabrada he chained his fourth victory between the League and Europe (91-96), against a local team surpassed by their pivots and upset in the third quarter due to an unspoken foul that ended with their coach and second coach expelled for protesting.

What had been a duel of streaks, dominated by the interiors of the Castilian team, the Nigerian Suleiman Braimoh (18 points and 8 rebounds) and the Serbian Dejan Kravic (8 and 4), was broken when a Braimoh grab on the young Malian from Fuenlabrada, Bassala Bagayoko (15 years old) was not flagged as a foul. The protests of the second coach Salva Guardia, throwing the jacket to the ground, and the first Josep María Raventós, more restrained, ended with both expelled and the ‘Fuenla’ without a helmsman, at the mercy of a superior Burgos.

From that moment on Dani Díez (13 points and 5 rebounds) and the Brazilian Vitor Benite (16 and 3) shone, who together with the calm and the 7 assists of the American base Alex Renfroe They fastened a match in which the pupils of the Croatian Zan Tabak showed their greatest variety of resources in the paint, although the locals fought until the end, led by the Nigerian Obi Emegano (20 points), andBrazilian Leo Meindl, with a new double-double of 13 points and 10 rebounds, and Canadian Kyle Alexander (19).

San Pablo took a good booty from a Fernando Martín who remembered the one of yesteryear, with 3,120 spectators, now without capacity restrictions and receiving visiting spectators a year and a half later: Burgos fans greeted with ovation before the game.

Before a Burgos preceded by his defensive fame, the ‘Fuenla’ exploited his triplista vein, scoring the first three without failure, two by Emegano (11-4). Braimoh, fighting in the zone (6 points and 4 rebounds in the first quarter), instilled aggressiveness in both rings to those of Tabak, but an offensive display by Alexander maintained the local leadership at the end of the first quarter (23-17).

It did not last a minute and a half, because Burgos turned the electronic over in three transitions (23-24, min. 11). The Castilian defense became impregnable and in attack San Pablo accumulated a partial that reached 0-14 with a triple by Dani Díez (23-31, min. 14).

Raventós spent the second time-out in less than 5 minutes and put Alexander back on pistola, but his team was still soft on defense, while Braimoh and Kravic lined up to score and rebound. Only on the edge of the break did the local team put the batteries to discount until 37-42 with which the intermission arrived.

A redoubled defense from Burgos emerged from the locker room, which Kravic and Braimoh corresponded, taking advantage of Alexander’s third foul. Raventós tested Dusan Ristic, Chema González and Bagayoko to stop the bleeding in the painting and the latter was the protagonist, when he received a grab in the race from Braimoh that was not indicated as a fault and He provoked with an ostentatious protest from Salva Guardia, who left throwing his jacket on the floor. Raventós followed, also expelled for disqualifying technique.

Fuenlabrada fell by 14 (44-58, min. 25) and was left without two technicians, but they had their people and their pride. Bagayoko with a mate, the American Kwan Cheatham and the Serbian Jovan Novak with two triples hit a surprised Burgos, who remained in front thanks to the calm of Renfroe and a triple by Dani Díez (57-66).

The epic was not going to last long for the locals. Again Díez from 6.75 meters and Benite gave a margin of tranquility to San Pablo and the defense reappeared (61-79, min. 33).

Even so, the Fuenlabran players believed in the comeback, to the point of get to five minutes with 29 seconds on the clock (89-94). Two capital rebounds by Xavi Rabaseda and a mate by Braimoh ended the game, with a 91-96 victory for Burgos and a whistle from Fuenlabrada fans to the refereeing trio.


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