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Samsung M8: here is the new range of smart monitors with webcam and (lots of) color

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics unveiled the Samsung M8. This is the new stylish series of smart monitors featuring a SlimFit webcam and more customization options. In fact, the new M8 smart monitor it is available in four colors with an especially striking construction.

The latest generation of monitors now arrives in Portugal. Up for grabs is the Smart Monitor series, the M8, featuring a modern, minimalist and sleek design. The recommended retail price (RRP) is €799 in Portugal.

Among the highlights of the new M8 is Samsung’s slim design in four new colors. that is, we have the White, Pink, Blue and Green – and is available in 32 inches with Ultra-HD resolution including a SlimFit camera.

The new Samsung M8 monitors cost €799 in Portugal

Samsung M8 Display

First released in November 2020, Samsung’s Smart Monitor series comprises the first screens do it all with good build quality. They are intended for users who demand a product that offers both functionality and entertainment on the same screen.

So apart from being a traditional monitor, the Samsung M8 also allows users to enjoy a variety of OTT services. Here including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV via Wi-Fi. This requires connection to a computer or external box.

More than a monitor, a Samsung Smart Monitor M8

When it comes to the aesthetics and style of this product, the Smart Monitor M8 offers both space and work efficiency through a refined design (any resemblance to Apple’s new iMacs will be “coincidence”).

The new model is 11.4mm thick, about three-quarters thinner than previous models. Furthermore, the rear surface is completely flat, thus creating a modern and effectively elegant product.

As Samsung states, the “(…) range of colors of the M8 is wrapped through a warm and elegant white tone that complements any environment and depending on the user’s preferences, and always in accordance with the decoration of your space”.

Access to various streaming services through the Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 smart monitors can connect to various computing devices through Smart Hub. The Workspace user interface provides essential services for working on a single screen.

In practice, helping users connect wirelessly to a Windows or Mac PC and use a variety of useful features, including Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2, and the Microsoft 365 cloud service. This, in addition to the ability to mirror your smartphone content directly onto Samsung M8 monitors.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 monitors come with a SlimFit magnetic camera

Also, the new M8 smart monitor have a camera tight magnetic and removable that can be attached to the top edge of the monitor. Thus, it keeps your desk space clean and free of unsightly cables.

The SlimFit camera also has face tracking and auto zoom features. In practice, identifying a person’s face when it is on screen and autofocusing on the highlighted object or subject.

Also, the monitor supports video chat apps like Google Duo. That is, allowing users to work remotely or participate in video conferences at home or in the workplace using the SlimFit camera.

Smart Monitor M8 integrates the SmartThings Hub IoT center

Rear view of the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in white.

Take advantage of the 25% promotion on the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8

The Smart M8 monitor has an IoT hub called SmartThings Hub. Place where users can connect all their IoT devices wirelessly.

To this end, the SmartThings app allows users to keep track of connected IoT devices throughout the home with the app’s dashboard. There highlighting all the information provided by other devices connected to the M8.

In addition, the monitor screen features adaptive image technology. In practice, increasing the comfort of the screen by automatically adjusting the brightness and color temperature based on the lighting status of the outdoor environment in which it is located.

The SlimFit magnetic webcam of the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Take advantage of the 25% promotion on the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8

The M8 also includes a height adjustable stand (HAS) and tilt functionality. Thus allowing users to find the ideal position for each project, movie night or study session.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is now available for sale in Portugal with a recommended retail price (RPPr) of €799, in a variety of colors and specifications.

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