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Samsung Galaxy Watch Gets Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification Certification

TO Samsung Electronics The Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature was recently revealed. It is one of the most important capabilities of Samsung smartwatches. This through the Samsung Health Monitor application that received the proper authorization from the US agency FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

From now on, along with the electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality, the IHRN functionality will proactively monitor heart rhythms that suggest atrial fibrillation (AFib). All from the user’s wrist.

Samsung reinforces the capabilities of its Galaxy Watch

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Cardiovascular diseases remain one of the leading causes of death worldwide, along with atrial fibrillation. It is a type of arrhythmia widely considered to be a warning sign of serious cardiovascular problems that can increase the risk of stroke.

Added to this is heart failure and other cardiovascular complications. Also, some cases of atrial fibrillation are asymptomatic or even silent, so people are unaware of their real risk.

FDA certification reinforces confidence in Galaxy watches

As such, the Galaxy Watch offers tools to help users better understand heart health using the Samsung BioActive sensor. Here it includes ECG recording and CR alert function that detects abnormally high or very low heart rates.

The inclusion of the new IHRN feature allows Galaxy Watch users to monitor another parameter of their health.

In short, when enabled in the Samsung Health monitor app, this feature detects irregular heartbeats during a period of constant reading. This analysis is done in the background using the Galaxy Watch’s BioActive sensor.

Update coming to Samsung smartwatches

Therefore, if there are a certain number of irregular measurements in a row, the Galaxy Watch will warn the user of possible atrial fibrillation activity.

In short, the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature will only be available in the South Korean and North American markets as part of the recently announced A 5 clock user interface.

Finally, there it should arrive first for upcoming Galaxy Watch devices later this year, and later for older editions.

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