Home Tech Samsung and Microsoft team up to improve corporate device security

Samsung and Microsoft team up to improve corporate device security

Samsung and Microsoft team up to improve corporate device security

Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up for a joint project that seeks improve safety in the workplace for employees using Samsung Galaxy devices.

This initiative, described by both companies as an “innovative solution”, consists of a certificate of devices on the device itself. This solution is backed by hardware, which allows checking the trust and integrity of the device.

The purpose of this solution is enable companies to check whether mobile devices used by their employees have been compromisedeven at deep system levels.

Samsung will contribute its innovations in both software and hardware, while Microsoft will contribute its experience in terminal management.

The solution will be released in August 2023 along with Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based service for unified management of corporate and BYOD endpoints. It will be available for select models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, those running Android 10 or later, as well as “Secured by Knox” devices that use the defensive-grade mobile security platform developed by Samsung.

In a blog post announcing the news, Microsoft notes that modern device attestation tools often require a network connection and access to cloud services. This can cause validation issues in case of internet connection failure or service interruptions.

To address this issue, Microsoft notes that its solution, along with support for Samsung hardware encryption and Intune app protection policies, allows for a immediate and reliable device validationregardless of network connectivity or device ownership model.

This prevents malicious devices from accessing organization resources using valid customer information obtained from another device and limits the handling of customer requests. Together, this combination of technologies aims to provide complete threat protection to ensure the security of devices used in the workplace.

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