Sampaoli: “The duel must have ended when the fan jumped”

What is your assessment?

The development of the game was very favorable for Sevilla, then they threw balls into the area and a dirty ball made it difficult for us. Later, with their fervor, they made it 2-0, but almost on time. With the fan episode that jumped, other measures should have been taken, if that is not encouraged to happen. I think what happened is very serious.

Don’t you think the game should have ended there?

The referee should have been more severe, because to continue in those conditions is to take us ahead. The game should have ended at that point, too much violence allowed for a match not to end.

Sevilla have had chances, it is curious that this duel ended 2-0.

Soccer. The control was maximum and more of a visitor. But by not specifying the chances they found a goal that not even their own fans expected, and then there is the fan who jumped, which generated greater tension. I think that in the 180 minutes we have been better.

At specific moments of the qualifying matches, have you missed central defenders?

For this type of match, like the end, players like that are needed, perhaps. But Fernando and Telles were fine. That end was not expected by the rival team, they had not done anything to take advantage and his goal generated excitement in them. Luckily for us, it didn’t come to fruition.

How is Bono?

I don’t know the evolution, he got colitis with a fever and he tried until the last moment but he woke up with a lot of discomfort and it got worse when he reached the stadium, I don’t know how it will evolve.

Are you leaving happy despite the 2-0?

Yes. It was a very difficult course and a very difficult classification. The team’s performance gives me great hope, then they will win or lose due to forcefulness, but the 180 minutes of the series leave me happy, we eliminated a great rival.

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