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Sam Altman highlights at IE University that ChatGPT is “the most empowering technology of humanity”

Sam Altman highlights at IE University that ChatGPT is "the most powerful technology of humanity"

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI and creator of ChatGPT, shared his vision on the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in a meeting with IE University students, a unique event on his fleeting visit to Madrid.

In his speech in the IE Tower auditorium, before more than 600 students, professors, entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts and managers from the business world, Altman pointed out that ChatGPT will be the “most powerful technology humanity has ever seen”.

Altman insisted on the need to regulate artificial intelligence to reduce risks, has stressed the importance of approaching AI with a positive mindset, and highlighted the role of technology in powering humanity. “If we develop better tools we will build a better future” he has pointed out.


The CEO of Open AI, at IE University, Altman spoke with Joe Haslam, professor at IE University, entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program; Mo Bavarian, Open AI Research Scientist, and Elena González-Blanco, professor and IE University, founder and CEO of Clibrain.

Sam Altman’s conference is part of The Next 50, an initiative with which IE University anticipates the future to understand the challenges we will face in the coming decades and prepare for the challenges that will mark our lives and the world of work.

Altman appeared before the US Congress last week to ask for the regulation of the development and use of artificial intelligence and was confident that AI can be used for the benefit of humanity. In his address on Capitol Hill, Altman called for government regulation to control the risks of AI. He stated that the intervention of governments around the world is necessary to ensure that these tools are developed in a way that protects and respects the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Artificial Intelligence Manifesto

IE University has recently presented its Artificial Intelligence Manifesto, which reinforces its position in this field. The institution works on AI projects with the aim of enriching the learning experience of students, expanding their training and developing their critical thinking and their humanistic perspective of innovation.

OpenAI is an organization focused on the research and development of artificial intelligence projects such as ChatGPT, a tool that was launched on the market last November. This tool has the potential to transform the way we generate information, interact and communicate. It is the fastest growing application in the history of the Internet and exceeded 590 million visits and up to 100 million unique users in 2 months. OpenAI is supported by Microsoft, which has invested $10 billion in OpenAI.

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