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Mexican Julio Urías is the second Dodgers pitcher to accept four home runs in an inning

Mexican Julio Urías is the second Dodgers pitcher to accept four home runs in an inning

Last night is one of the worst that Mexican Julio Urías can remember on a pitching hill.

When the Dodgers needed him to shine as the ace of the rotation to rest their hard-working bullpen (21 innings in three days)the Sinaloan left-hander lost his compass very early and caused his work to end early and incidentally enter the books of negative marks of the Los Angeles organization.

Urías was punished by the St. Louis Cardinals with six runs in the third and four home runs.

No Dodgers pitcher had allowed four home runs in an inning since Ben Wade was rocked by the New York Giants on May 28, 1954.

More than 60 years later, Jul joined Ben in the black pages of the blue setbut above all, the Mexican has sown many doubts because he does not look like the pitcher of the past two seasons when he reached 20 wins (2021) and led the National League ERA department (2022).

Clearly, he’s making a lot more mistakes than we’re used to.Yes,” said the manager. dave roberts on the performance of Urías.

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The pitcher from La Higuerita accumulates four setbacks this season and 4.39 ERA. He is the pitcher with the most home runs has accepted in this campaign with 14 in Major League Baseball.

“I got lost, and I missed a lot. I paid the price for it,” Urías replied at the end of Thursday’s game where the Dodgers were defeated 8-16 by the Cardinals.

The four shipments that ended as home runs, Urías left them in the center of the plate. Juan Yepez, Nolan Gorman and Paul DeJong homered consecutively.

What happened ?

Neither the Mexican Julio Urías nor the helmsman Roberts were sure if the lefty was giving tips or signals of type de shipment that was to come for the pitchers, although the manager told the Los Angeles Times that the St Louis Cardinals “they seemed to be into everything.”

Neither offered a concrete explanation for Urías’ recent home run woes, as the 26-year-old has now given up multiple home runs in half of his outings.

“Obviously it is worrisome,” Urías said. “It’s one of those things where I don’t hide, but I have to do a better job.”

The problem

Julio Urías He is in the final year of his contract with the Dodgers. The team so far has not made any offer for the Mexican to stay longer, so it could reach free agency. The problem is that with performances like this week’s, the big $200 million check he’s waiting for is slipping away.

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