Sainz’s first arrived

Do you know that there are no two without three? Well in the case from Carlos Sainz’s Acciona Team the exception has been fulfilled and not the rule. They went out for the win since the first edition of Extreme E, but the team from Madrid has had to wait until their third campaign to be celebrating. Before, they made their intentions clear with a second position in the race on Saturday that inaugurated a renewed course and after the warningcame an impeccable execution by Laia Sanz and Ekstrom that has finally allowed them to achieve that long-awaited goal.

There were moments in which there were doubts as to whether this Sunday would be the day of the feat. All the solvency of Saturday in the previous qualifying sessions was diminished during the second day of the Desert XPrix and in a tight fight with the Hamilton team, the two third places from Acciona and a small mistake in Christina Gutierrez (exceeded maximum speed on approach to driver change), tipped the balance in favor of the Spanish team. At least the woman from Burgos was able to minimize damage in the general handily winning the Redemption Racebut the important thing would be played in a final where Sainz’s structure had no rival.

Everything went well at the right time. It was a clean start for Ekstrom and a mess for Kistoffersson and Hansen, which largely decided the outcome. The two favorites of the weekend, the RxR and Veloce, got into a fight for second place that gave wings to the Swede until he obtained a six-second advantage when it came to handing over the car to Laia Sanz. The Spanish found a gift that she did not miss and simply. kept up with his partner while the rest of the positions of a podium that had Acciona at the top were defined.

Finally the Veloce pilots were able to with the Rosberg duo and again Al Attiyah signed another comeback for Cupra (He competed with the organization’s prototype due to the damage his Tavascan presented after the accident on Saturday) which earned him a fourth position, which the Qatari beat the Ganassi team before staying for half a second with the honey of the podium on the lips. The one that Sainz savored so much in a team, which has finally enjoyed the taste… of victory.

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