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Sainz and Alonso lead the third free practice session at the Bahrain GP

The race track in Bahrain has become the scene of an exciting start to a Formula 1 season full of surprises and emotions

There was an air of anticipation hanging over the track during Free Practice 3, marking the end of testing and the start of the real action. Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, our Spanish benchmarks, have left an indelible mark, leading the top spots and raising the hopes of millions.

Verstappen’s hidden strategy and the promise of an intense battle

While some teams decided to go on the road with soft tires Simulate classification conditionsIn their usual tactic, the Red Bulls mounted hard tires against the tide. Far from revealing his cards, this decision seemed more like a maneuver to hide his true potential until the last moment. Max Verstappen, the champion everyone wants to dethrone, remained in a fascinating situation until he set the fastest time towards the end with an impressive time of 1:31:062.

The heat of competition increases as the sun sets

As the track cooled, strategies began to unfold and all teams were aware that there was no more room for rehearsals. They set out in search of fame. The excitement was palpable and the timesheets reflected a stunning parity between competitors, with the top ten separated by just over half a second. The presence of Sainz and Alonso at the top was not only a harbinger of what could happen in the standings, but also a testament to their talent and determination.

Aston Martin’s caution and De la Rosa’s statements

Despite the optimism surrounding the Aston Martin team, Pedro de la Rosa, the team’s ambassador, added a dose of realism to the picture. His statements indicated this a possible overestimation of your performance in free practice, suggesting the team’s true place would be between seventh and tenth. This caution was far from discouraging, but rather a reminder that in Formula 1 nothing is taken for granted until the checkered flag marks the end.

First conclusions and the promise of an exciting weekend

With qualifying just around the corner, the air in Bahrain was full of anticipation. After the teams and drivers demonstrated their skills in Free Practice 3, they prepared for the real challenge. The equality of time meant that a fierce battle for pole position and ultimately for the podium in the race could be expected. This weekend the F1 world will witness the sEngine information, strategy and courage that define this sport. And amidst this spectacle, Spanish fans have every reason to dream of glory, supported by the talent and passion of Sainz and Alonso.

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