Russia’s proposal for sanctions against Krona shocks the world

According to foreign media reports, the Russian Association of Tour Operators says that vaccinators should be able to travel around the world, travel and have vacations without restrictions, as before the corona virus enters the world.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia approached the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and various European and Asian tourism organizations about their unique proposal, in which they discussed the revival of international tourism and shared suggestions with them. .

The Russian Tourism Association says that delays on this issue will create a new crisis in the global tourism sector, so it is now possible to restore tourism and business travel without waiting for the end of the global corona virus epidemic. Very important

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The association added that the mandatory quarantine and other restrictions for travelers must now be lifted immediately, adding that vaccinated citizens must be able to travel freely around the world to resume international tourism, which can be a very important step.

The Russian Association of Tour Operators has sent a similar proposal to tourism organizations in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, China, Japan, as well as other countries in Europe and Asia Pacific, to support the measure.

It should be noted that at present most of the countries of the world are under the influence of the Indian delta virus, and several countries, including Pakistan, have blocked hotspot areas.

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