Ruska Luzova: A Ukrainian army commander has claimed that the shelling by the Russians has decreased and they seem to be retreating now.

According to the British news agency Reuters, the 35-year-old commander of the Ukrainian army Ovhor Obolensky said on Sunday that we can see the positions of the Russian forces from here and tell (them) to get out of here.

Ruska Luzova was captured in a fierce battle on May 8 by National Guard and volunteers. In the first week, troops in Roska Luzova said Russian shelling was so heavy that they could only move around the devastated village at night.


However, they are constantly on the lookout for high-intensity explosives fired regularly by Russian artillery and tanks.

Obulinsky and his comrades made little effort to hide from the enemy three kilometers away. “One of the reasons is that deep clouds have made it difficult for Russian drones to hit their target,” he said.

He thinks the second reason is that the Russians are withdrawing their forces from the border where they are trying to keep them down.


“From there, they are redeploying troops to the south to retake the entire Donbass area,” he said.

“The shelling by the Russians has decreased, we think they are retreating,” said Mikhail, a lieutenant in Obolensky.

Obulinsky and his colleagues say they are concerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin could launch a new offensive against Kharkiv, 20 kilometers south, despite the loss of men and equipment.