Russia shot down US ‘smart bomb’

Russia disables US ‘smart bomb’ fired by Ukraine

Russia said on Tuesday it had shot down a US-supplied GLSDB guided smart bomb fired by Ukrainian forces.

For the first time, Moscow claims to have intercepted one of the weapons that could double the firing range on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Russia says it intercepted US-supplied smart bomb in Ukraine for the first time  News24

A ground-launched small-diameter bomb is fired onto the rocket and then guided by GPS satellites, it moves to its target at a distance of 150 km from the US-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). That’s double what Kiev deployed last year.

Ukraine had long sought weapons to hit Russian command centers, supply lines and other targets deep behind the front line.

Washington is believed to have begun supplying them this year.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has said in a statement that the smart bomb launched by the Ukrainian forces has been intercepted and disabled.

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