Russia: a marriage that reconciles the country with its history

Heir to the last tsar, the Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov married the Italian Rebecca Victoria Bettarini in Saint Petersburg on Friday October 1, reviving the passage of the imperial history of Russia.

On Friday October 1, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov, heir to the last tsar, married in St. Petersburg to Italian Rebecca Victoria Bettarini. A historic wedding, since the last marriage of the Romanovs dated back 127 years. “George Mikhailovich’s great-grandparents got married in 1905, so he wanted to take up the tradition. What touches the Russians is that we are rewinding the threads of a history that was obscured for decades in Bolshevik Russia“, explains the host Stéphane Bern, specialist in royalties, live from Saint Petersburg.

The couple chose to highlight the Tsarist symbols through this wedding, in particular the two-headed eagle, also present on the flag of Russia. “The Russians seem very fond of this nostalgia for the Romanovs“, underlines Stéphane Bern. Vladimir Poutine did not oppose this ceremony, seeing it as a”great reconciliation with history“, but also an opportunity”opening towards the west, by bringing together through this marriage a certain number of royal families, who came for the event, and guests from all over Europe, such as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg“, stresses Stéphane Bern.

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