Rubiales announces his resignation as President of the RFEF

In the fast-paced universe of Spanish football, surprise is not usually the norm. The recent resignation of Luis Rubiales, at the helm of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has shaken the foundations of the sport. The reasons unrelated to the game focus on a personal action that had professional repercussions.

The controversial image: A kiss on the world stage

Jenni Hermoso, a star of Spanish women’s football, became, along with Rubiales, the unwilling protagonist of a scandal that went beyond the sport. During the Women’s World Cup final, the two shared a kiss that, caught on camera, sent the networks and public opinion into an uproar.

The impact of the gesture

Beyond the event, the immediate impact on the football and media landscape was surprising. Debates have been opened about the privacy of public figures and the fine line between the private and the professional in an environment as exposed as top-flight football.

Rubiales in the face of the media hurricane

The answer came immediately. Luis Rubiales, in a exclusive interview For @PiersUncensored, he announced his decision to leave office. In a calm but clearly affected voice, Rubiales expressed his desire to protect both his image and that of the RFEF.

Jennifer Hermoso during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023

A thoughtful decision

The former president of the RFEF did not make this decision lightly. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of preserving the association’s integrity and good name, and putting the well-being of the institution above personal controversy.

The reaction of the world of football

The news sparked a wave of reaction in the sports world. While some support Rubiales’ decision and see it as an act of responsibility, others regret that his career at the helm of the RFEF ended in this way. However, the unanimous opinion is that Spanish football is experiencing a moment of change and adjustment, in which the private lives of its protagonists are more open than ever.

Uncertain future

Following Rubiales’ resignation, the RFEF faces a period of uncertainty. The choice of the new leader will be crucial to the direction of Spanish football in the coming years. The successor will not only have the task of running the association, but also of restoring the trust and image damaged by this incident.

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