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Roland Garros 2023: Carlos Alcaraz’s battle to come out number 1 in the ATP

The second Grand Slam of the year has begun on French soil, where the tennis player from Alicante intends to defend first place to the death, while having the Serbian legend and the best Russian racket breathing down his neck.

This Monday, May 22, the Roland Garros 2023 edition has begun, with a series of events that could ratify the leadership of Carlos Alcaraz in the ATP Rankings. Likewise, they could also leave the Russian Daniil Medvedev as the new leader, or the return to the throne could be executed to Novak Djokovic. The table is quite tight and anyone could start as number 1 as soon as the competition in Paris ends.

It is clear that having the first place at the moment, the Spanish tennis player does not depend on anyone to continue at the top. Which means he will have to win his second Grand Slam, and his first in France. Meanwhile, the Russian and the Serbian do depend on other factors, to reach first place, once the Roland Garros 2023 ends.

Roland Garros 2023
The top of the ATP Ranking is so tight that at the end of Roland Garros 2023, Alcaraz, Djokovic or Medvedev could be number 1.

What does each one need to reach first place in the ATP Rankings at Roland Garros 2023?

As we explained before, Carlos Alcaraz depends on himself, and obtaining the title continues to leave him as the leader. But if he can’t lift the trophy, he’ll need to reach the final at the very least, and Medvedev doesn’t make it to this stage. Immediately afterwards, that Djokovic only approaches the semifinals and that’s it.

For the Russian, it will be enough for him to just reach the final, but for the Spaniard to only reach the quarterfinals at most. If he advances to the semis, he will have no choice but to win the Grand Slam to climb a step. And finally, the Balkan tennis player will have to win the French tournament yes or yes, but also that Alcaraz does not reach the final. In a more unreal scenario, that the Serbian reaches the final, that the Alicante is eliminated before the quarterfinals, and that Medvedev does not get close to the semifinal.

Carlos Alcaraz and his illusion of winning Roland Garros 2023

The 20-year-old tennis player has already managed to do what many have not been able to with more experience, be number 1 in the ATP Ranking on more than one occasion. But the man from Alicante knows that to maintain that status he must justify himself with titles, and what better way than to lift his second Grand Slam. The first single was in 2022 in the United States.

Within the complete record of Alcaraz, rest 14 titles. 4 are from Challenger Tournaments, 2 Masters 250, 3 Masters 500, 4 Masters 1000 and the New York Open. Carlos Alcaraz wants to show that he is in the first place in the world ranking not by coincidence. Like Rafa Nadal, the man from Alicante wants to leave the name of Spain at the top of tennis.

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