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Kapil Dev and Rohit Sharma


  • Rohit Sharma’s poor form continues, scoring 25 runs on 47 balls in practice match
  • Virat Kohli also came out after scoring 33 runs on 69 balls.
  • Even in 14 innings of IPL 2022, not even half a century came from Rohit’s bat.

The captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, is in discussion these days about his rest and his current form. There is no doubt that he is a good captain. But during the last few days many questions have been raised about his personal performance. Hitman’s underperformance was seen after 14 innings at IPL 2022. After that, he went on break. He also did not play the series in South Africa. He then looked tired even in the practice match before the England Test, former cricketer Kapil Dev believes.

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev on a YouTube channel He made a lot of statements about. Previously, he has also discussed about Virat Kohli’s poor form. The captain of the world champion believes that Rohit has played too much or too little cricket. He said that Rohit Sharma is playing too much cricket or he is tired. Significantly, at IPL 2022, in 14 innings, Rohit was able to score just 268 runs at an average of 19.14. He did not bat in the warm-up match against Leicestershire and was dismissed for 25 runs on 47 balls.

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Is Rohit tired even after the break?

Seeing all this, it seems that even after taking a break of almost a month after the IPL, Rohit Sharma is tired? After all, what’s the reason he can’t play the way he got the title of Hitman? Speaking on the issue of resting players, Kapil Dev said: ‘It is difficult to know who has rested or who has sought rest. Only the selectors will know about this. If he doesn’t score half a century in 14 games, questions will be asked. This is a question that only Rohit can answer. Is he playing too much cricket or is he tired?

Kapil Dev had also previously questioned Virat Kohli’s performance. Speaking of both Rohit and Virat, he further said: ‘I think they should both focus on her way of thinking. I’ll be happy if you prove my claims wrong. If he’s not scoring runs, then there must be some problem or another. Either you are playing more or less cricket. We only see your performance. If there is a drop in performance, it will be discussed, it is not possible to turn it off. Your bat should talk, other than that, nothing makes sense.

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Where he has failed to score a century in international cricket for the last 31 months. At the same time, after becoming a captain, Rohit Sharma constantly fights in his form. Along with this, the talk of giving Rohit and Virat continuous rest is also highly discussed. However, it is true that words like rest, rest, rest began to be heard in cricket during this period. Previously, in the era of Kapil Dev, Azharuddin, Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni, these things were not mentioned much.


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