Home Sports Road Tourism: Diego "bochita" Ciantini won for the first time

Road Tourism: Diego "bochita" Ciantini won for the first time

Road Tourism: Diego "bochita" Ciantini won for the first time

Diego Ciantini (Chevrolet) from Balcarce achieved his first victory in Road Tourism this Sunday by winning the final that took place in the city of Toay, La Pampa, because the Uruguayan Marcos Landa (Torino) was penalized and lost the first place he had ever won on the track.

Thus, in his 43rd race in the category, Ciantini was left with the victory of the third day of the championship since Landa had a five-second recharge for having passed him with a yellow flag.

“When they lowered the flag I still didn’t know I had won. When I was spinning for celebration, I couldn’t believe it. We didn’t have the potential to win, but Matías (Rossi) I don’t know what problem he had and Marcos (Landa) passed me with The yellow flag was given to us. I think he is well sanctioned, but you have to give him credit for winning on the track,” said Ciantini, 24, son of former Bocha Ciantini driver.

Landa, for his part, expressed: “It was a run, we started ninth and we passed cars on the track, which is the important thing. This hurts because it is very difficult to win in the TC. I prefer not to talk about the sanction. I feel powerless for not being able to lift the trophy at the top of the podium”.

The podium was completed by Matías Rossi (Toyota) from Delvis, who started from pole position and led the competition until lap 17, and Gastón Mazzacane (Chevrolet) from La Plata who placed third.

The next date will be April 16 at the El Calafate racetrack, Santa Cruz. The general positions of Road Tourism are led by Mariano Werner (Ford) from Paraná with 113.5 points, followed by Juan Tomás Catalán Magni (Ford) from the reef with 104 and Germán Todino (Torino) from Riverside with 85. With his victory, Ciantini rose to 15th place with 56.5 units.

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