River beat Banfield and will face Boca in the Champions Trophy

River beat Banfield 3-2 last night and will define the 2020 Champions Trophy against none other than Boca, on a date to be determined. This match took place between two runners-up, the 2020 Super League (River) and the 2020 Diego Maradona Cup (Banfield), which did not take place that year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, almost three years later it was decided to hold this match at the neutral Mario Alberto Kempes stadium.

River hit from the start with a “shiver” from Santiago Simón from outside the area that opened up and dragged in against the right post of the Banfileño goal, making the apparently late stretch of goalkeeper Facundo Cambeses sterile.

But Banfield was not intimidated by that bad start and went after his own, something that he was close to achieving with repeated risky actions that were successively spoiled by Andrés Chávez (he would be key in the complement), and Sebastián Sosa Sánchez, in addition to some successful interventions by Armani and a free kick by Brahian Alemán that went just wide.

But when the albiverdes were for equality, towards the end of the initial stage, Simón, on his night, achieved the second and undeserved conquest of River Plate.

The complement found Banfield once again launched into the attack against an always fragile River in its last line, especially in the cases of the central markers Enzo Díaz and Jonatán Maidana.

First there was a shot at the post by Chávez, who would later discount with a left-footed corner finish and three minutes later he achieved the second conquest with a similar finish, but in this case the linesman Brailovsky immediately raised the flag signaling an offside that the Referee Tello validated, although television showed that the Banfield striker was well qualified.

And this definitely ended up harming Banfield, because with the score 2-2 the development of the game would have been different, but in the face of adversity they were hit by the third goal from Colombian Miguel Borja.

Despite this, the group from the south of Greater Buenos Aires continued to insist and with this exposing the constant defensive weaknesses of River Plate, to the point that it reached the discount in the second minute of added time with a play of “daddy football” built inside the small area between the admitted Nicolás Sosa Sánchez and the author of the conquest, Juan Bizans.

But there was no time for more and so River marched towards what will be its fourth Superclassic final after the one won by Boca in the 1976 National Championship and the ones won by the “millionaire” in the Argentine Super Cup and the Copa Libertadores of the same year. 2018.





E. Diaz


E. Perez



I. Fernandez



DT: Demichelis.






E. Insúa

A. Cabrera

I. Rodriguez




S. Sanchez

DT: Sanguinetti.

Stadium: Mario Kempes (Cordoba).

Referee: Facundo Tello.

Goals: 7 and 44m Simón (R); 53m Chavez (B); 64m Borja (R); 90m Bizans (B).

Changes: 65m M. Giménez by S. Sánchez and Tijanovich by Rodriguez (B), 68m Alfonso by Barco and Solari by Rondón (R), 75m M. Romero by Coronel (B), 79m Aliendro by Simón and Paradela by Fernández (R), 83m Beltrán by Borja (R), 85m N. Sosa Sánchez by Chávez and Remedi by Alemán (B).

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