Ripple and SEC want to postpone publication of important documents

The lawsuit between Ripple and the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) already started at the end of 2020, but the dispute is still not resolved. One factor in this is the e-mails sent by former SEC director William Hinman. The American crypto company would like to see these, but they must be made public for that. Ripple already won the motion for its publication last week, but the final date is not yet entirely clear.

SEC wants to finally make Hinman emails public

Former professional attorney James K. Filan, active in the XRP community, has found a document filed with the court. On Twitter, he notes that the judge is being asked to publish the e-mails at a later date, albeit in redacted form. It is striking that the question is not only from the SEC, Ripple also supports the request.

As it stands, the documents will be released on June 13. Earlier that was June 6. Hinman gave a speech in 2018 in which he found that ethereum (ETH) was emphatically not an asset. Ripple wanted to use this as an argument for why XRP is not a security either.

The SEC wanted to keep the documents under lock and key for a long time. It is possible that Hinman was bribed by the Ethereum Foundation. If this were to become known, it would not be so positive for the SEC.

Ripple lawsuit almost over?

This suggests that the lawsuit is finally coming to an end. The two sides have already submitted their final positions. We now have to wait for the Hinman documents and for the judge’s conclusion.

Because the case has been going on for more than two years, there has been speculation about the outcome of the case for a long time. Lawyer John Deaton, popular in the XRP community, thinks there are four possible outcomes. The most likely outcome, he says, is that Ripple wins because the SEC abuses its power.

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