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Ricoh presents its new hyperautomation digital factory that will serve all of Europe

Ricoh presents its new hyperautomation digital factory that will serve all of Europe

Ricoh Bet on the creation of your new hyperautomation digital factory which will serve the whole of Europe, located in the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas, with the aim of strengthening their capacities in the digitization of processes. With more than 600 clients and 100 professionals who work in it and that will grow to 200, with the creation of 100 new jobs by 2024the company also seeks to strengthen the role of Spain as a European leader in the development of expert talent in the latest digitization and hyperautomation technologies.

He Ricoh Europe President David Mills; Jay Ibaraki, Head of Ricoh’s European Technology Center; and the Ricoh Spain Management Committee represented by Ramón Martin and Anna Vázquez, CEO and Director of Services and Digital Solutions at Ricoh Spain and Portugal, respectivelywere in charge of presenting the new factory, accompanied by the Ambassador of Japan in Spain, Takhiro Nakamae; and the Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Digitization of the Community of Madrid, José Antonio Sánchez Serrano.

«It is exciting that a technological giant like Ricoh has chosen Madrid as the epicenter of all its innovative hyperautomation services for Europe, just as it did at the time in the Asturias digital skills center or the Sant Cugat shared services center. With this action, we lead the digital transformation of all of EMEA, building an asset of human capital and experience in the main technologies of the sector. All this aligned with Ricoh Japan’s R&D investments in the creation and development of the RSI platform on which we rely«, assures Jacobo Varela, manager of the factory.

For Mills, “Hyperautomation is a discipline that helps us identify and automate as many processes as possible to improve our business results in terms of cost, efficiency and sustainability, using natural language processing, artificial intelligence and robotics. Today, many businesses lose up to 20% productivity in document processes and workflows». In parallel, the Madrid Deputy Minister He highlighted the importance of the Community of Madrid as a European benchmark in innovation and digitization and the dynamics of training, research and highly qualified employment that this brings with it. Besides, Sanchez thanked Ricoh for its commitment to implement its new hyperautomation factory in the region.

By his side he CEO of Ricoh Spain and Portugalshared the journey that the company has made from its commitment to digital services to the present and the exponential growth of financial results: a turnover of 345 million euros during the past financial year 2022. Next, Vázquez shared, among other aspects, the company’s strategy aimed at sustainability through digitization, “one of the great pillars to take into account in the future and one of Ricoh’s main reasons for action”.

«We are experiencing a digital inflection point and we are reflecting with the industry on the economic and social impact of a new generation of responsible technologies. Advances in AI that will rethink everything. At Ricoh, beyond injecting this DNA into our entire vision of hyperautomation, we are reflecting with our technology partners on the impact of these new trends, mainly AI, seeking a world of people empowered by technology, digital ethics of algorithms and the positive impact on the planet thanks to the use of responsible technologies»assured vazquez.

Acquisition of PFU, division of Fujitsu

Ricoh also presented the recent acquisition of Fujitsu PFU Unlimited, which responds to Ricoh’s global growth investment strategy to expand its portfolio of digital services to benefit customers around the world, regardless of the size of their business, in order to optimize their workflows and process automation . At this point, the Japanese ambassador in Madrid stressed the importance of the union of two Japanese companies, such as Fujitsu and Ricohto take a giant step in the field of digitization and hyperautomation, in addition, he thanked Ricoh for its commitment to integration platforms such as RSI.

“This acquisition is a sign of our interest in continuing to grow, in creating synergies with already consolidated services and products, and reinforces our ability to offer our clients comprehensive support and experience to optimize their workflows and process automation.“he said for his part Mills.

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