Revenue explosion at Athletic

Athletic’s revenues have skyrocketed after winning the Copa del Rey, which has drawn the attention of major brands to the Bilbao club.

Ernesto Valverde and his players not only managed to break a 40-year winless streak Copa del Reybut they managed to take the revenue from the Sporty. While the club has already had a very good balance sheet due to the good work of those in charge, it is now facing a very positive phase economically. So much so that we have already learned about a new cooperation agreement with great partners.

This could be the first agreement you will sign Jon UriartePresident of Sporty, as several of the world’s most important brands have their eyes on the club. A club that goes beyond sport as it is deeply rooted in Bilbao and its people. Logically, this is interesting for companies in all industries.

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The value of the Athletic brand grows exponentially after winning the Copa del Rey – (c) Photo: GOL digital

After the Copa del Rey, Athletic’s revenues skyrocket

From what we learned just a few hours ago, Athletic has signed a new sponsorship agreement with Petronor and Repsol. These three companies, leaders in their industries, share the strategic vision of moving towards decarbonization. This has helped both brands become strong sponsors of the club.

Thanks to this agreement, which has already been sealed, Athletic is moving closer to its goal of becoming a net zero emissions club. For their part, Repsol and Petronor are committed to supplying the club with renewable electricity and gas in its facilities. And all of these supplies will be made from 100% renewable fuels.

The Athletic march continues to grow in leaps and bounds

The agreement Athletic signed with Petronor and Repsol could be the first of many. According to various studies The club has become a major attraction for numerous sponsors. This is even more true given a season in which the team will once again bear its name on the pitches of Europe, attracting all kinds of brands.

In the same way, Data4Help has also detailed that the Athletic Stadium name is estimated to be worth around €3 million. Last but not least, it is also worth mentioning that the Athletic brand has increased in value by 30% since winning the Copa del Rey. And this percentage will continue to increase next season, for which the team has high hopes.

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