Revealed: Cardano’s vision for the future of crypto

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), has provided a recent update on the network’s progress. He highlighted the team’s commitment to decentralization and set it as a future standard for the overarching crypto sector.

Cardano and decentralization

Despite the criticism, Cardano continues to improve and expand its platform. The team is busy planning global workshops on Cardano Improvement Proposal CIP-1694and they’ve written “a wealth of great code,” said Hoskinson. The main emphasis here is on decentralization, a concept that Hoskinson is clearly passionate about.

“I believe we will be significantly more decentralized than any of the cryptocurrencies on the market, one of the primary goals of these types of protocols,”

Hoskinson emphasized that Cardano is not about a single company, agenda or person, but about a collective effort. “I think we’re going to win in the long run because we win together,” he said.

Decentralization as a benchmark for the future

The Cardano founder is convinced that the power of decentralization will become a benchmark in the crypto sector in the future. He suspects that, though Bitcoin While (BTC) maximalists and others may initially dismiss it as “academic waste,” decentralization metrics are likely to be incorporated into crypto market regulatory standards.

He predicts that there will come a time when people will start talking about “sufficient decentralization” and decide which regulations should apply to which cryptos based on that.

“Those that are more decentralized will be treated like commodities and protocols like TCP, and those that are more centralized will be treated unfavorably from that perspective,” Hoskinson said.

Finally, Hoskinson emphasized the importance of self-sovereignty and the idea of ​​”pushing power to the edges and putting you in control of everything.” This, he says, is the core of crypto and the driving force behind the progress of the Cardano project.

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