Restaurant tickets: What will change as of September 1?

Food vouchers 2020 will expire in a few days, on August 31. New rules will also come into effect at the beginning of the school year, to end the relaxation measures that the government had put in place.

Faced with the health crisis that caused the closure of restaurants for many weeks, the government decided in June 2020 to extend the use of restaurant vouchers until August 31, 2021, that is, six additional months of validity.

Of 1er Therefore, in September you will no longer be able to use the tickets for the year 2020. If you still have some left, it is possible to exchange them free of charge for tickets valid in 2021. You only have to return the tickets that will soon expire to your employer no later than 15 days before the end of its validity period.

Another change too: the payment ceiling, which had been increased to 38 euros per day, will return to its original limit of 19 euros. The doubling of the ceiling had been decided by the government to try to sell the securities more quickly, and this measure, which was to end on December 31, 2020, was finally postponed until August 31.

Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to use restaurant vouchers every day of the week, including holidays, as is still the case until the end of the month: from the start of the school year, tickets can only be used on weekdays. .

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