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Residency renewal after passport expires, Saudi officials explain

Important guidelines issued by Saudi authorities regarding visas and residency

Riyadh: Saudi officials have issued an explanation regarding the renewal of residence of people residing in the kingdom after their passports have expired.

According to the Saudi website, according to the residency laws in Saudi Arabia, the passport is important for the issuance and renewal of the residence of foreigners, the validity of the passport is five or 10 years, while the residency is renewed on an annual basis.

The licensing system contains the residence and passport details of each foreign worker. If the worker’s passport has expired then renewal of residence in the system is not possible so it is necessary to renew it before the passport expires. ۔

After the passport is renewed, its information must be fed into the licensing system to keep the system updated. The process of updating the passport information in the licensing system is called duplicate information in Arabic.

The families of foreign workers are sponsored by him and it is the responsibility of the worker to keep their affairs updated in the licensing system.

Licensing A person on Twitter with reference to the renewal of family residence has discovered that if the passport of one or two members of the family is expired, the residence can be renewed?

Answering the question, Jawazat said that if the passport of any of the family members has expired, then there is no impediment in renewing the residence of the head of the household.

It should be noted that with the renewal of the residence of the head of the household, the residence of all the family members is automatically renewed, for which the payment of monthly fee to the family is the basic condition.

According to the Licensing Act, the expiration date of foreign workers is no longer recorded on the residency card whereas earlier the residency card was issued for one year which had to be reprinted at the time of renewal.

This system has now been abolished and the expiration date is not recorded on the residence card.

After paying the fixed fee for renewal of residence, the system is renewed on an annual basis. As soon as the residence is renewed, a message is sent to the mobile of the residence holder while the date of residence of the worker is also entered on the Abshar portal of licenses. Is.

Since the worker is the breadwinner of his family, at the time of renewal, only the valid passport is required for the renewal of the head residence.

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