Report on Neruda’s death delivered

An international group of genetic experts delivered a report Wednesday with conclusions about what caused the death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda to the judge investigating the case, but the results were kept confidential.

The forensic study was carried out to determine if the Nobel Prize for Literature died of cancer or if he was poisoned. A relative of Neruda announced on Monday that the results confirm the botulinum toxin poisoning, but the judge in charge of the process and who received the report indicated that she would not communicate the details until she studied the documents and recalled that the case is in the investigative stage.

“It is impossible for me to expand on the conclusions, it is not for me to do it either, you know that it is an investigation that is in the summary stage,” Plaza briefly told the press.

He added that he must analyze all the reports, expertise and statements gathered throughout the 12 years during which the investigation extends, before reaching a conclusion. She added the judge that in March she expects to receive a second report.

Rodolfo Reyes, Neruda’s nephew, told The Associated Press on Monday that he had access to the results of the tests and that they confirm a “large amount of Clostridium botulinum, which is incompatible with human life.” He added that it was given to him “while he was alive.”

The report of the experts from Canada, Chile and Denmark was delivered to Judge Paola Plaza by the coordinator of the group, Dr. Gloria Ramírez.

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