The AC Milan is going to lose a very important piece at the end of the season, Frank Kessie, who will leave after finishing his contract with the Rossoneri, this means that the club has to look for a new containment midfielder who can provide balance in their midfield. For several months now, all eyes have been pointing to Renato Sanchezcurrent player of Lille who has several campaigns standing out in the French Ligue 1.

According to accountCalciomercato‘, Paolo Maldini would have begun to test the signing of the Portuguese international midfielder and would be willing to make a good payment for him. There is talk that they could put about 30 ‘kilos’ on the Lille table so that they release the Portuguese footballer in this same transfer market since it is one of the great obsessions of the Lombard board. In the next few days, negotiations between the two parties are expected to begin to lay the foundations for a possible agreement and it will be necessary to see if the amount offered by the Italians is sufficient to remove him from the English competition.

Jorge Mendes wants to move it

The Portuguese superagent is willing to take out Renato Sanchez from Lille in the next transfer market and it seems that he would look very favorably on him signing for AC Milan, a club that has grown in recent years and is once again one of the best teams in Europe. For his part, the player also seems interested in a change of scenery given that his desire is to be part of a much more competitive club and be able to participate in the next Champions League, something he will not do at Lille, given that the club is mid table in France and out of all European competition.


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