Last March Ralph Terry passed away. He was 86 years old. That caused longing. He was the Yankees pitcher Bill Mazeroski shot in the 1960 World Series, in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7, the home run that gave the Pirates the win. That has been the most dramatic triumph achieved in these decisive competitions.

In the important match held at the now-defunct Fobers Field in Pittsburgh, the locals took the lead four to zero, but by closing the first part of the eighth inning the Yankees had turned the score around and won seven to four. At the end of that chapter, a reaction occurred, highlighting a home run with two in circulation by Hal Smith that culminated a five-run rally, putting the Pirates ahead nine to seven. Determinant hit, without him Mazeroski’s feat would not have happened. This prompted Terry’s tag-in to close out that episode. In the ninth the Yankees tied again, and then the culminating moment arrived: starting the inning, the Pirates’ second baseman hit the home run that immortalized him.

Later Terry was the Most Valuable Player of the 1962 World Series that generated special attention in the nation for being the first in which Dominicans participated; Felipe Alou right fielder, Juan Marichal part of the rotation and Mateo Alou outfielder, all with the San Francisco Giants. That event also went to Game 7, won by the Yankees 1-0. Terry pitched the shutout and the only score came on a bases loaded double play by Tony Kubek.

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The ending was also very exciting. Willie McCovey fired a solid line drive that second baseman Bobby Richardson intercepted to prevent the hit that would have driven in Mateo Alou and Willie Mays at third and second and would have given the Giants the crown.

In the series, Felipe hit .269 including double and triple, his brother Mateo hit .333 in twelve at-bats, and Marichal pitched four scoreless innings in his only start. He left the game due to injury attempting a bunt.

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