REBUILD makes Madrid the new “center” of construction.


From March 19 to 21, the summit, which will be attended by more than 24,000 members of Congress, will be the epicenter
the industry, where more than 500 companies present the latest solutions and products

They promote the new construction model

The National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 will bring together more than 600 participants
Experts discussing the future of industrialization, the challenges of decarbonizing the sector and technologies such as BIM or AI in construction

Ignasi Pérez-Arnal, director of the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0; and Albert
Planas, General Director of NEBEXT, the organizing company, presented the main theme this morning
REBUILD 2024 will revolve on these axes, bringing together more than 500 exhibiting companies. In the context of
As part of the award ceremony, a minute’s silence was observed for the victims of the fire in Valencia.
Gema Travería pointed out that “at REBUILD 2024 we are putting construction in the spotlight.”
industrialized, and all its potential to accelerate its use now that it is established in Spain. For the
In this context, we will appreciate the progress that industrialization represents in order to achieve it
Climate neutrality, the real integration of technologies into processes, the integration of
promote young and female talent and adapt to the current economic situation, which requires more living space
affordable”. Travería added: “In this edition we also focus on giving voice to the causes
of profiles that are numerically less represented at the event, as is the case with designers
Interiors or installers. For this reason we will have forums dedicated to them and that is what we will do
“Showroom” solutions to address their needs.”
In fact, for the first time, the summit’s exhibition area will contain the matter space of more than
300 m2, with the intention that architects and interior designers discover new materials

For his part, David Martínez shared and pointed out his current vision of the construction sector
that “the situation in Spain is healthy and we are enjoying great demand.” In this sense here
We have returned to offices, unlike in the US or other countries, and real estate developers have one
good economic health. In fact, the vast majority of event organizers do not have one
Debts of more than 20% of the value of his assets, whereas previously it was 90%.” However, in
Regarding housing, Martínez warned that “we have a structural problem.” “Every year there is
The plan is to build an average of 260,000 apartments, which requires a lot of capital, but the reality is this
The industry can only do 80,000. A brutal demand for housing has accumulated and this can happen
a problem. In short, we want to bet on industrialization because it is beneficial for us
everyone involved: It gives us cost security, greater agility in construction and also an improvement
in the quality that makes the product even more attractive,” explained the President.
The building marks its path to the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0
As part of REBUILD, the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and
Construction 4.0, which is considered the largest forum for innovations and trends in construction. For the
More than 600 experts will be present on the eight parallel congress stages
International, which will give its point of view on the different segments of the sector
(residential, hotel, retail, office, social and health sectors and institutional facilities) and which are structured
according to its own agenda for each professional profile (developer, contractor, architect, architect).
technician, investor, engineer, installer or designer).
In more detail, REBUILD 2024 will address current issues such as the need to change the Technical Code

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REBUILD is an event for the digital transformation of the industry. We will discuss these topics with the best experts and “top speakers” from more than ten different countries who carry out the projects that mark the path of the industry.”
Executives like Emilio Ortiz, architect and partner at Foster + Partners; Benedetta Tagliabue, one of
the greats of Spanish architecture, who serves as director of the Miralles Tagliabue Studio;
Tristán López-Chicheri, CEO of L35 Architects, responsible for the renovation of the Santiago Stadium
Bernabeu; Fermín Vázquez, founding partner of the b720 studio Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, is responsible
the new Chamartín train station or the transformation of Camp Nou; Carmelo Zappulla, architect and
Founding partner of External Reference Architects, a reference in the creation of experiential spaces
through the light or Carlos Lamela, managing director of Estudio Lamela, will be mentioned at the congress
National Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0.
In turn, Michel Elizalde, CEO of ACR; Rosa Peña, COO of Vía Ágora; Luis Miguel
Méndez, purchasing and contracting director at Hábitat Inmobiliario; Fernando Iglesias, Director
Innovation at Kronos Homes; Anna Guanter, Head of Real Estate Innovation at Culmia; Carlos
Quindós, General Director of Visesa, will present his perspective on the industry at the forum.

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