Real Zaragoza finds a solution to the sale of Narváez

Real Zaragoza finds a solution to the sale of Narváez

An offer for the coffee striker has arrived at the offices of the Aragonese club

In the output folder of Royal Saragossa The name of the Colombian striker is still valid Juanjo Narvaez. The player is not part of Juan Carlos Carcedo’s plans, and the sports management needs to cash in on the discards. That is why the offices of the aragonese cluban interesting offer has arrived from the Granada C.F..

The new tenant LaLiga Smartbank wants to follow in the footsteps of Valladolid when last season it also fell. To be promoted the following year, the Nasrid club he needs to empower a fairly good sports project and from there they believe that the services of the coffee striker are very valuable and optimal to create that tactical scheme.

Zaragoza Narvaez
The attacker is valued at 1.5 kilos, but the club will let him go at one million euros.

The new sports management of Granada begins to negotiate with Zaragoza for Juanjo Narváez

Nico Rodríguez is the new sports director in the Granadinista entity, and he wants to work hand in hand with Aitor Karanka for the benefits of the club. Both agree that the Colombian striker is a very interesting piece to empower an effective attacking line.

Both take into account that the coffee grower did not have a good season recently. Narváez played 2,250 minutes spread over 36 games, in which he only scored 2 goals and 2 assists. Perhaps one of the worst records of his since he plays in the silver league. The Nazarí club wants to give him the opportunity, but apparently there are problems between the two teams.

The obstacle that Granada has encountered in Zaragoza regarding the signing of Narváez is of an economic nature

The striker who is valued at 1.5 kilos has a starting price of one million euros. That is what the Blanquilla sports management has proposed. However, in the Andalusian team there are protests and they believe that the figure is high. To this end, the negotiations aim to try to lower that figure as much as possible.

The Nazarí club may fulfill its mission and take the Colombian at a good price. Juanjo is still at an optimal age to continue growing at a football level, and his qualities are still striking despite the last season he played. If the deal is finalized, the striker will reach his eighth team so far in his professional career.


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