RCB’s dream of reaching the playoffs may be shattered by rain! Do you know what the weather will be like during the match?

The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Gujarat Titans will be played on the evening of May 21. This will be the last match of the league stage in this IPL season. After this, the playoff games will be played from May 23. So far 3 teams have qualified for the playoffs. What will be the fourth team, will be decided only after this match. There is also chance of rain in the match between RCB and Gujarat. In such a situation, the Bangalore team’s hopes of reaching the playoffs may suffer a setback.

Talking about the weather during the match between RCB and Gujarat, according to AQ Weather, there is a chance of 60-70 percent rain. Changes will be seen in Bangalore weather after 1 pm. 70 percent rain is expected during the match. Talking about the temperature, it can be minimum 23 while the maximum can be 26 degrees Celsius.

If this match is canceled due to rain, both teams will get 1-1 points. In such a situation, Bangalore will get 15 points. But if the Mumbai Indians beat the Hyderabad Sunrisers in their last league game, they will enter the playoffs with 16 points. However, if the Hyderabad team defeats Mumbai, RCB will secure their playoff spot with 15 points despite the match being cancelled.

RCB currently sits at number four on the points table with 14 points. Bangalore’s net run rate is much better than Mumbai’s Indians. So far, the teams from Gujarat, Chennai and Lucknow have qualified for the playoffs.

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