Home Sports RCB about to repeat history after 366 days in IPL

RCB about to repeat history after 366 days in IPL

RCB about to repeat history after 366 days in IPL

Image source: IPL
RCB vs. GT, IPL 2023

In the world of cricket, history is often made and then repeated. The same is being seen in the current season of IPL. This season, you’re seeing a lot of what had come before as well. This season Virat Kohli scored a century on the same date (May 18) as he scored a century in 2016. This season, like last year, a maximum of 8 centuries have been scored in a single season. This season too, like last time, Gujarat Titans became the first team to reach the playoffs. One of those stories repeats itself again after 366 days. What happened in IPL 2022 is about to happen in 2023 as well.

Will the story that happened last season repeat itself? You will be surprised to know that the RCB team is standing on the same path as last season. This time also his challenge in the last match is from Gujarat Titans. The same was seen last season. Yes, now history is repeating itself this year as well. RCB’s last league match is against Gujarat Titans. Only the result of that match will clarify the picture of the advancing team, that is, the playoffs. Last season I was also able to see something similar.

Image source: IPL
RCB vs. GT

What is this coincidence?

In fact, 70 league matches were played in IPL 2022 as well. RCB’s last league match that season was against Gujarat Titans and that was the 67th match of the season. But this time both teams meet in the 70th game, that is, the last league game, but this is the last league game of RCB. Last season, RCB recorded a similar win over Gujarat Titans in that match as this time they defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by 8 wickets. The initial pairing of Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis was seen. The special thing is that from the same game the fate of the following RCB playoffs was going to be decided. Here too the equations are similar.

Image source: IPL
RCB defeated Gujarat in their last league match in IPL 2022 to enter playoffs

RCB defeated Gujarat Titans by 8 wickets in their last league match in the last IPL on May 19, 2022. Not only that, with that win, this team, captained by Faf du Plessis, also reached the playoffs by finishing fourth. . Similar equations seem to be forming this time as well. After exactly 366 days, RCB is due to face Gujarat in the last league match, this time on May 21, 2023. A spectacular win here can earn the team a ticket to the playoffs. The equation for RCB to advance to the playoffs is clear if the team wins its match against Gujarat by a good margin. At the same time, Mumbai trails RCB in net run rate. In such a situation, you will need to record a big win against the Sunrisers if you are to beat RCB in net runrate. If RCB loses, the fate of Mumbai will be open.

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