Following the last meeting of the RC Celta, which he lost with Elche CF for a goal, strong criticism has been raised towards the forward Iago Aspas. The local press has been somewhat strong with which to play the Moañés striker, and his lack of effectiveness. However, the left winger and friend of the crack has come to his rescue, Nolito.

The attacker of 34 years defended his partner, stating that there have been more good matches how bad, and exalted his work in the celtic painting. On the other hand, he emphasized that anyone has a bad day, and first is a person before a footballer. So it is normal to err, and more so in this type of situation.

The bad comments that have aroused against the Celtic striker, have caused a chain reaction on the part of Nolito. The winger has wanted to counterattack those who launch destructive criticism towards Iago Aspas, remembering what the striker has done in the Celtic institution. He also pointed out that he has been the best player who has passed through Celta.

“I see Iago as a fucking mother. He is the leader of Celta, you have to put several monuments in Galicia because he is the best player in the history of Celta. There are people who forget that. He can afford to fail, he’s human too. You have to make three monuments: one in Moaña, another in Vigo and also on the border with Portugal ”declared Nolito.

Although the Spain team is at a good level, Nolito added that the presence of Aspas in the national team could increase the offensive power of the Red. “Yesterday I saw the Spanish team and it seemed to me that they were at a very good level. Honestly, if I were in the national team, I would say to the coach: ‘Take Iago Aspas’. For me he is one of the best Spanish strikers and he always creates danger for you ”.

Finally he wanted to argue why lately he is not fine with the goal, making some comparisons. “Iago fails, Nolito fails, Messi fails, Neymar and Borussia from Dortmund fail… Haaland. If Haaland fails, how can Iago not fail? I do not share the criticisms of Iago. I can say it louder, but not clearer ”.


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