RC Celta looks at River Plate before selling Javi Galán

Coudet already knows who will be the replacement for the Extremadura side

the left side Javier Galan his days are numbered Celtic RC, and it is that his performance has catapulted him to the agenda of several powerful teams. Right now is the FC Barcelona and the Sevilla F.C. who are fighting for his signing, and it is not for less. One wants the replacement of Jordi Alba and the other a player who gives Marcos Acuña a hand.

celtic coach, Edward Coudetgot used to the idea that it will be impossible to stop the exit of the Extremadura lane, so it is better to exhaust forces looking for its replacement. in the market of Argentina there are several talented full-backs whose contract ends this summer, and taking advantage of the fact that the finances of the celtic club they are not very high, they have set their sights on a future free agent.

Celtic Heartthrob
The Argentine Fabrizio Angileri is chosen by Coudet to relieve Galán.

At 28, he would fulfill his dream and arrive at Celta to relieve Javi Galán

The winger that Coudet has set his sights on plays for River Plate and will be free this summer. We are talking about Fabrizio Angileri, 28, whose characteristics make him the lane player that the Argentine is looking for. The one from Mendoza has qualities that are based on speed and response both in defense and attack.

The coach of the millionaire team has used him on occasions as a central defender, precisely because of his ability to anticipate his rivals. Although he has also played inside, he goes on to be a prolific winger on goal plays. He basically is a versatile lane who would help a lot in the Celtic defense.

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The faster Javi Galán leaves, Celta will accelerate the signing of Fabrizio Angileri

The departure of the Extremadura side is on a thread, but what is not yet known is which squad he will join. A few months ago it was Atlético who put pressure on to convince the player. However, Renan Lodi’s level returned to the top and they forgot about Javi Galán. Now it is Sevilla and Barcelona who do not stop pressing to take the fabulous lane.

In that sense, it is the Barça team who has the advantage to take Galán’s pass. There they want him to be Jordi Alba’s replacement and of course he will have ownership at hand. While in the Seville club he would arrive to lend a hand to Marcos Acuña, and Lopetegui has the Argentine as his undisputed starter.

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