Home World Raped Kashmiri women have been waiting for justice for 75 years

Raped Kashmiri women have been waiting for justice for 75 years

Raped Kashmiri women have been waiting for justice for 75 years

India has been using mass rape as a weapon to suppress the freedom movement of Kashmir in every era, Kashmiri women have been the biggest victims of naked Indian democracy in Occupied Kashmir, these raped Kashmiri women have been waiting for justice for the last 75 years. are

According to Kashmir Media Service, from 1989 to 2020, 11,224 Kashmiri women have been sexually assaulted by Indian security forces, 882 Kashmiri women were gang-raped in 1992 alone.

According to a 1994 Human Rights Watch report, the Indian Army uses mass rape as a weapon of intimidation and mass punishment, with the Indian Army committing looting, killings, and sexual assault as reprisals against the Mujahideen.

According to a report by Asiawatch, 44 extrajudicial killings and 15 rapes were reported in just one week. Human Rights Watch says that despite the passage of 75 years, no one involved in the abuse has been punished.

According to the report of the Research Society of International Law, the Indian forces did not even spare women from the age of 11 to 60 years. As a result of the open waiver by the Indian government, the Indian forces are involved in the crimes of sexual abuse without fear.

According to the Human Rights Watch report in 1996, the Indian army is using “rape” as a weapon against the freedom movement. Moreover, according to Shab Mathur, “rape” is an important part of Indian strategy in Kashmir.

According to the Council for Social Development, the Armed Forces Special Power Act plays a central role in inciting Indian soldiers to abuse. According to a report by The Guardian, from 1979 to 2020, more than 150 Indian military officers of major rank are involved in systematic sexual abuse. .

On 23 February 1991, 4 Rajputana Rifles men raped more than 100 Kashmiri women in Kannpooshpura village of Kupwara district. Admitted to rape, medical examinations carried out between 15 and 21 March 1991 found that 32 Kashmiri women had been tortured and sexually assaulted.

A report published by the US State Department in 1992 also stated that “there is irrefutable evidence of mass atrocities against the Indian Army in the Kannan Pooshpura tragedy.”

In April 2018, Hindu extremists raped an 8-year-old girl in a temple for 7 days in order to vacate the land from Muslims. After the rape, the girl was brutally killed. On 19 April 2023, a woman was gang-raped by a BJP leader in Baramulla district, on 10 October 1992, 22 Grenadier jawans gang-raped 9 women in Shokian area of ​​Pune district.

More than 1000 rape cases are pending in the Kashmiri courts, is it not an insult to humanity for the G-20 countries to participate in the Srinagar meeting while forgetting the rape in Kashmir and the anti-human Indian ideology?

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