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Raja Krishnamurthy: Indian-American lawmaker Krishnamurthy said, Pakistani’s ISI sees me as his ‘enemy’


Indian-origin Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi- India TV Hindi News
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Indian-origin Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi


  • Raja Krishnamurthy spoke on Pakistan’s ISI
  • Krishnamurthy is an Indian-American lawmaker
  • ISI sees him as enemy

Indian-American MP Raja Krishnamurthy: Indian-American lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy has said that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI sees him as an “enemy” because of his stand against extremists present in the South Asian country. Krishnamurthy, a Democratic Party MP from Illinois, made the remarks while addressing community members at a fundraiser at the residence of US India Security Council (USISC) President and eminent Indian-American citizen RV Kapoor in Boston. Is.

According to a press release issued by the USISC, “He (Krishnamurthy) said that the ISI sees him as an enemy for his stand against the extremists present in Pakistan. He insisted that he also respected all religions and never discriminated against any colour, race or religion. According to the release, Krishnamurthy assured the Indian-American community that if he wins the election, he will continue to support the strategic cooperation between India and the US, so that this friendship can rein in China’s ambitions in the Pacific region.

The event was attended by many celebrities from the Indian-American community, including Vikram Rajyadaksh, Dinesh Patel, Abhishek Singh, Amar Sahni, Deepika Sahni and Dr. Raj Raina. The USISC said the donation program was organized to raise funds for Krishnamurthy in the run-up to the mid-term elections due in November. The organization said the purpose of the event was also to show the community’s support for Krishnamurthy for his continued efforts to raise issues of interest to the Indian-American community.

India and America share common goal- Jitendra Singh

Earlier it was reported that Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh said that India and America share common goals and interests, which connect the two countries with each other. Singh urged the American scientific community and entrepreneurs to work with their Indian counterparts in areas such as health, clean energy and space. At a reception hosted by India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu in his honor at India House on Tuesday, Singh said, “We have a common goal. So we are in a similar situation, which also connects us to each other.’ Singh said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has provided a much better environment than before in the field of science and technology and business.

The ceremony was attended by several lawmakers, scientists, academics, members of the ‘think tank community’ and senior officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden. The minister said that India now has a government whose head has the ability to think out-of-the-box and break taboos. He said that health, clean energy, space, geospatial etc. are some reasonable areas for the two countries to work together. “You will appreciate that after many years the Department of Space has been opened up to joint initiatives, joint ventures and public-private partnerships,” Singh said. We are also looking forward to international investment.

Ambassador Sandhu also outlined Indo-US ties in the fields of education, health, science and technology as well as clean energy in his speech. Sandhu said that the US Congress has played an important role in deepening India-US ties.

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