Radical turn of the Athletic Madrid changes the plan of Suárez

El Pistolero could continue scoring goals at Wanda next season

A rather unexpected news has caused a stir in the whole mattress environmentand it is that the Athletic would have offered a new contract to the striker Luis Suarez. The novelty is quite striking since throughout the year and part of the previous one, there has been talk of the departure of the Uruguayan striker, and more so at the level he is at.

Suarez’s version 2020-21 to 2021-22 it is totally different, and they are not even close to 20%. At this point in the championship last season, the scorer already had more than 20 targets. Currently it only reaches 13 pointsbut what causes most concern is that his role as headline He lost it many days ago.

Atletico Suarez
Suárez wants to continue in a top-level team to get to the point with the national team in Qatar.

Luis Suárez is not very convinced to continue at Atlético

The 35-year-old attacker knows that Qatar will be his last World Cup, and he may not even start. The truth is that Suárez wants to arrive with an acceptable performance and that it will be enough for him to give an excellent performance in Asian lands. That is why he needs a lot of minutes, and that is precisely what he does not have in the Madrid club.

The most likely thing is that the South American striker will end up declining the offer, since if he continues for another season at Wanda, he will do so from the bench. Now what the Uruguayan attacker needs most is competition, but if he is top-level, much better. Although it does not help him to stay in a team as prestigious as Atlético, if he is going to play the role of substitute.

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Luis Suárez’s plans after leaving Atlético

Right now the Uruguayan striker has an MLS offer from Inter Miami. The pay is pretty good, but the player knows that the North American league is a graveyard for elephants. This translates to the fact that if he leaves for the American club, his call to the national team will probably remain up in the air and fade away.

On the other hand, Suárez’s agent has received calls from West Ham United and Aston Villa, to find out how likely the former Barcelona striker’s signing is. The Premier League will always be one of the favorites for young and veteran footballers. In addition, the Uruguayan knows very well what it is like to play in England, thanks to his successful time at Liverpool.

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